Zoey grass bird


Zoey & Her Piggy Bank

Zoey would often beg Joe to stay home from work, one day when he declined her offer she asked why? So I explained that Daddy Joe had to go to work so he could make money. Zoey promptly went upstairs, got her piggy bank and offered it to Joe with all of her money, saying he could now stay home.


Zoey & her Shark

We had this fish on the wall, it was this half globe that was screwed to the wall with a red beta fish in it. One day I came upon Zoey menacing the fish with her stuffed shark. Sharko was having a good old time taunting the poor beta and trying to eat it through the plastic walls. This became one of Zoey’s favorite make believe games.



Zoey really loved purses, bags, backpacks, things that carried things. She was funny about it though, once she filled a bag that was it. I was not allowed to dump a purse out to fill it with new treasures; the old treasures would not have a home. A daily problem at our house was how to carry to current favorite treasures out and about on our errands and trip to the gym, we couldn’t empty an existing purse, but must find a new purse. I finally discovered that on an occasion I could dump a purse or bag out while Zoey was at school, while I was cleaning her room, so the next day she could magically find an empty purse.


Baby Nest

This was Zoey’s favorite thing to build, it was often located at the bottom of the stairs on a square of carpet near the main room in our house. It was always filled with blankets, pillows, animals, and tones of crunched food in the carpet. occasionally the crook of Momma’s legs while Momma was laying down could be made into a Baby Nest. To be honest I think she liked the later type of nest the most, it meant she could snuggle while playing or watching her little tv.


Be a Sea Horse

Translation: get down on your hands and knees so Zoey can ride you around the hard wood living room floor. This might actually be Zoey’s favorite past time. Many a day Daddy Joe would be a sea Horse, Uncle Tiger was often talked into being a sea horse also. When Daddy Joe got tired of Sea horse time he would lay flat on the ground and army crawl, Zoey then called Daddy Joe “Sluggo”. Sluggo time usually pissed Zoey off, she invented this way of slithering under Daddy Joe’s head and pumping him up again to Sea horse stance so she could ride in style once more.

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