August 17 2014

Physically , I (April) am getting better every day. The Doctors assure me that I will make a full recovery within a year, though I secretly hope much sooner. I walk just fine, live in a house with three flights of steps and get around with no problems. All of my bruises are gone and all of my open wounds are now closed and get rubbed with special creams every day to ┬ámake them less pink. My surgery scars are thin and pink and will one day be white and unnoticeable (I have a very good surgeon to thank for this). The rest I take day by day. I have a good psychologist I see every week. An art therapist I see a couple of times a month, this is a special place just for Zoey and I. I no longer need the aid of a home care person, though they were all very nice. Joe is back to work two days a week, and after our cruise to Alaska he will be going back to work four days a week. I will no longer need any more surgeries, the one surgery fills my “lets open April up with a knife “quota for my life time.

Paint by Number night

Paint by Number night


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