Zoey Moonbeam Wahl January 25, 2010 – May 31, 2014

Thank you to everyone who has donated in Zoey’s name. Because of this on September 9th, National Teddy Bear Day, over 400 New Teddy Bears are being given to Children in Hospitals around the US specifically in Zoey’s name, these Teddy Bears will even be accompanied by a little blurb about Zoey.

Zoey’s Favorite foods were baby marshmallows, Lucky charms (really just the marshmallows), and Hershey milk chocolate bars. She also occasionally loved strawberries, banana’s, red apples, red grapes, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Her favorite places were, home (in her baby nest at the bottom of the stairs), the zoo, the aquarium (the octopus was her super favorite first to be visited animal), the science museum (the dinosaurs especially), and the children’s museum -known at our house as the play place. Rarely did she ever turn down a trip to the playground, specially where chickens might be involved.

Her first word was Daddy, She learned to walk at eight months, and had a favorite doll named Dolly that went everywhere possible with her. Dolly could be denoted from the fact that her head was squishier than other “look a like Dollies” and the fact that she usually smelled really bad (due to the fact that Zoey spent a large portion of her time chewing on dolly’s pigtails and head).

Zoey loved to watch TV on her little tv (a kindle fire), she had learned how to spell and type her own name which was the password on her tv so that she could watch movies. Zoey was also learning how to write her name with a crayon on paper, and doing pretty well. Her favorite movie was Tottoro and her favorite TV show was Pokemon, she loved every animal on Pokemon and wanted to own each and everyone, not to fight them, but to hug them and make them talk to each other, I was so proud of her to see that she was picking up the positive aspects of that TV show.

Zoey also had a great passion for all things related to art, crayons, finger paints, water color, giant dot stamps, stickers, mommy’s colored pencils, and her very favorite, oil pastels. She had many coloring books but liked to draw on blank white paper the most and preferred an audience while drawing. The day Zoey got a drawer in Mommy’s art flat file was a day of great joy; her drawer still remains filled to the rim with every drawing and art project that could be saved and filed away by Zoey.

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